Through our extensive world-wide network and long experience in thermoplastic processing and recycling, NP&PT has become access to very efficient and additives, which can repair and improve the properties of recycled polymers. Some of these additives will also be of importance in the production of biofiber reinforced polyolefins and the product range and number of suppliers is extended continuously.

In the coming years NP&PT will be focusing and offering the following high-performance additives:

  • Heat stabilizers
  • Compatibilizers
  • Moisture absorbers
  • UV Satbilizers
  • Flame retardants
  • Colorants and pigments for special applications
  • Chain extenders
  • Nucleating agents

Recycling Technology

Since the 1980s the NP&PT staff has been working with recycling challenges and developments for a number of thermoplastic materials including polyolefins, polystyrenes/EPS and performance plastics. Over all these years a broad network of European and Asian material suppliers of recycled materials and additives has been established and a lot of technology developments have been followed closely.

NP&PT have build up a portfolio of thermoplastic raw material suppliers and additives linked up with recycling technology, that we now offer to the Scandinavian market. All our products are tested and quality assured with our partner company, Re-Turn AS. There will, however, not be possible to cover all requirements in our program. But we will in most cases be able helping you in finding suppliers or agents for the materials you need outside the NP&PT sales program.

We are also able to assist you in finding suppliers of thermoplastic bio-composites and raw materials used in the production of resins. The development of thermoplastic bio-composites was started by our employees back in the 1990-ies, and we have a broad knowledge in this technology both on the material and the technology side. For assistance in the latter, our partner, Re-Turn who also operates a modern polymer test lab, will be able to offer you required services.

Processing Technology

One of the main targets and business ideas for Re-Organic is to be involved in the development of fossil free and fossil lean polymer solutions and materials. To achieve this, a deep involvement in recycling technology and recycled plastics will be required, as all recycled polymers are defined as fossil free.

For many years, recycling of polymers has been on the agenda for all employees in Re-Organic, ranging from recycled polyolefins in cable protection and pipes to the use of recycled EPS in extruded PS foam (Styrofoam etc). We have also worked with recycled PET mineral water bottles used in advanced core materials for wind turbine blades and several other developments.

NPPT are today able to assist in development of all areas within plastics technology such as:

  • Finding suppliers of equipment and machinery for compacting, shredding, grinding, cutting, washing, agglomerating or pelletizing all kind of plastic products in different shapes and materials.
  • Modifying, mixing and improving flow and other properties in most polymers to obtain good and stable quality out of plastics waste.
  • Provide recycled polymers and performance improving additives from different countries and well-known suppliers.
  • Together with our sister company, Re-Turn AS, quality assure recycled polymers through testing in their versatile and advanced polymer testing laboratory. The cooperation between Re-organic and Re-Turn is very close and gives fast and reliable service to customers.
  • In cooperation with partners/customers establish development projects in the plastics recycling field, assist in finding and writing applications for funding and assist as consultants in projects.