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Polymer sales
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NP&PT has developed a portfolio of recycled thermoplastics, tailored for a variety applications for the Scandinavian market.

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Machinery sales
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NP&PT assist the nordic polymer industry with finding the right suppliers of needed equipments and machines.

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We represent the Entex planetary roll extruder
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This unique machine are used in the production of everything from ice cream to advanced composites and chemical processes all over the world. NP&PT can offer flexible solutions as the facilities are built according to the modular principle.

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ENTEX – revolutionary process engineering

Thanks to its modular concept, the ENTEX planetary roller extruder offers a wide range of possibilities for compounding – even when dealing with complex reactive, cooling, degassing and mixing processes. The ENTEX planetary roller extruder is able to use primary energy – making it both economical and sustainable.

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