This summer Re-Organic signed an exclusive dealership agreement for the Nordic region with Entex GMBH, in Germany.

Entex signing

Below: Contract signing with Re-Organic’s CTO Dr. Joachim Karthäuser, Sales Engineer for Entex, Tad Sasiedzki, and CEO for Entex, Nils Ritterhoff.

Entex are world leading in development and production of planetary roller extruders, in addition to a wide variety of accompanying equipment. The planetary roller extruders provide unique opportunities with regards to changing of colors, controlling temperature, dispersion and productivity. With a wide surface area in the processing area, moisture will be quickly and effectively removed while liquid and solid additives may be added as needed.

Entex Planetary Rollers are today used in everything from the production of ice-cream to advanced composites and chemical processes world-wide.

Re-Organic will be able to offer flexible solutions which can be customized to plant specifications as they are produced in modular components.

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