About us

NP&PT (Nordic Polymer & Processing Technology) was established in 2016 in Fredrikstad (Norway) under the name Re-Organic AS. This was to show the relationship with our half-sister company Re-Turn AS and to explain our original business idea – reinforcement of polymers with organic fibers.

The main concept here was that waste wood from pallets etc, the building industry and other sources getting wood fibers as a rest product with low value. By mixing these fibers with down to 25% recycled or virgin thermoplastics, this bio composite material is widely used in the US since 1989 as decking materials. In Europe the same development started in the end of the last century and several producers and products called WPC (wood Plastic Composites) emerged producing up to 50 000 tons of outdoor building products annually.

The NP&PT-team did already have experience in this field, as Stein Dietrichson (COO) had already made prototypes of building products of WPC as early as in 1998, when Re-Turn AS was founded. This work was not prioritized, as nano technology combined with epoxy resins in marine coatings turned out to be more interesting for the market and lead to the establishing of AMC AS (Advanced Marine Coatings)

Therefore NP&PT decided to give WPC in Norway a new trial in 2016. This time focused on developing materials from recycled plastics and other fossil lean polymer solutions with less CO2 footprint and waste wood fibers. Through our extensive networks we obtained an operating organization with highly skilled and dedicated people.

Late 2017 we paired up with serious players in the plastic-, wood-fiber- and pulp industry. The goal has been to develop thermoplastic fiber composite materials based on polyolefins and other polymers. Through extensive research and several trials with our partners, we have refined our technology, which meets our future high-quality needs.

In 2021 our main development partner, Norske Skog, decided to invest in a compounding technology to develop reinforced based bio composites based on their own paper fiber (TMP). Simultaneously NP&PT was offered the agency for the Nordic countries to represent the unique planetary extruders from Entex Maschinenbau in Germany.

And after having helped several companies with technical and commercial strategies to develop recycled thermoplastic materials and also in building volumes of high quality recycled polyolefins, it was decided to change the original company from a consultancy partner to a pure sales company under the name NP&PT. WE are still located in the same building as Re-Turn AS, where we have access to their test lab to quality assure and test the recycled material range we are developing with partners. In addition we will also investaigate new additives constantly emerging in the market helping recycled materials to obtain improve properties – which is one of the two main targets in the NP&PT business strategy.